Weldon Wellness Station

Have you heard about the Weldon Wellness Station?

WHY: We know exams can be stressful, so we'd like to give you the opportunity to learn skills and practice strategies to be successful during this exam season.

WHERE: Weldon Atrium

WHEN: Drop in any weekday, Wednesday April 5 to Friday April 21, 10am-4pm

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Graphic of Weldon Wellness Station activities


Full Schedule 

10:00am to
Relaxation Station
with WEC Student Staff
+ 10am Coffee Hour
Relaxation Station
with WEC Student Staff 
+ 11am Mindfulness Meditation
Relaxation Station
with WEC Student Staff
+ 10am Coffee Hour
Relaxation Station
with WEC Student Staff 
+ 11am Mindfulness Meditation
Relaxation Station
with WEC Student Staff
+ 4pm Western Film Ticket Raffle!
1:00pm to

Ask Me Anything with Psychological Services!

Relaxation Station Activities

  • Take a break with a wide selection of relaxing colouring books
  • Leave an encouraging note of hope for a fellow student, take an encouraging note of your choice
  • Assemble your own wellness kit
  • Eat an apple or granola bar

When you say "Ask Me Anything", what do you mean?

You can ask counsellors from Psychological Services about how to...

Break Through Perfectionistic Roadblocks 

Learn how to challenge unhelpful rules or assumptions that may be getting in the way of studying, and that may lead to perfectionistic beliefs. Unpack the difference between perfectionism and healthy achievement, and learn ways to cope with perfectionistic thinking.

De-Stress to Impress 

Learn some grounding and self-soothing strategies to help you cope with your exam stress! These strategies will help you when you are feeling distressed and when emotions seem overwhelming. In other words, learn how to comfort, nurture, and be kind to yourself, while calming the body and mind.

Do Some Procrastination Renovation 

Learn some tips and tricks to help you work through procrastination. Learn how to create more manageable goals, develop a plan to just get started on work, and gain an understanding of the value of rewarding yourself for the work that has been accomplished.

Change Your Negative Radio Station 

Learn how to change your radio station from the “anxiety station” to an “acceptance station”! Practice a mindfulness acceptance strategy aimed at analyzing your tug-of-war with anxiety, and assist in getting you unstuck, unhooked and moving forward from your worries and anxiety. Change your relationship with anxiety by building an acceptance for where you are at in your life.

Fuel Your Success: 5-Minute Tips to a Healthier You 

Learn how eating, sleeping, and exercise can significantly influence your ability to de-stress and increase your motivation during exam time. Gain 5-minute meal ideas, 5-minute exercise ideas, and strategies to improve your sleep.

Get Out of Your Head! 

Might there be unhelpful thinking patterns that you get stuck in, and that may be getting in the way of your ability to study? Learn how you can change negative thought patterns to more adaptive and realistic ones.